Read some TRADUKA client experiences and what they have to say about experiencing Slater’s unique healing frequencies:

"F’ing Amazing! This woman has the hand of God.

She is the hand of the Goddess. Coming in off the street, 3 days of constant excruciating pain, I crawl into this establishment. So I crawl in (from the pain), and this woman says “lay down”. She puts her hands on my back, and in 30 seconds I’m like “Oh my God!” because the pain was gone."

Jeff A.

"I slept better than I have in 7-8 years!!

I woke up feeling refreshed and having energy. I felt hopeful for the first time in years. I kept expecting the feeling of energy to go away and it did not! I physically did more in the morning than I typically can do in a week."

Cindy C.

"The Lump had reduced from walnut size to barely visible. The surgeon no longer felt the biopsy was necessary

I received one TRADUKA session for a lump in my left arm that my Dr. had been monitoring for a few months, and my Dr. wanted me to have biopsied. Within a week after the TRADUKA treatment, the Lump had reduced from walnut size to barely visible. The surgeon no longer felt the biopsy was necessary. I also received a TRADUKA session for the pain and injuries sustained from a motorcycle accident recently. Both treatments alleviated physical and emotional pain- Wendy generates healing energy that soothes and frees blockages in the body. I know this because I could feel it during the treatment and left feeling centered, uplifted, and mentally and emotionally clear. I am so creatively unblocked, and I have a clear creative vision now!!! I have been drawing and painting and feel closer than ever to my Authentic Self. Thank you, Wendy."

Ree S.

"I went to the ER to find that there were no clots at all in my lungs and this was only 2-3 weeks after my initial health crisis 

Ms. Slater’s work is subtle yet powerful. She has been doing distance healing for me as I recover from bilateral pulmonary embolisms and a DVT in my left leg. It is a very powerful work in that she strongly knows who and what she is treating so whatever needs to show up for your healing does. In my case, we were working on my anxiety and breathing issues after the PEs. I had what I would describe as a healing crisis as I woke up in the middle of the night to find my heart racing and I was also having difficulty breathing. I thought I had thrown another clot. I went to the ER to find that there were no clots at all in my lungs and this was only 2-3 weeks after my initial health crisis and 2 days after Ms. Slater started her work with me. This is a huge testament to Ms. Slater. She is a discerning and wise healer."

Laurie G.

"I am amazed.

I saw Wendy once. When I got off the table, I felt relaxed but didn’t notice too much of a change. The next day she checked in on me. She noticed I wasn’t chewing gum. To some, this may not be significant, but for me this is HUGE. I have TMJ. I need gum to keep my jaw muscles working and slightly fatigued so that they don’t lock up. I have used gum this way for years. So when she noticed I didn’t have gum, I waited to chew any until I felt my jaw locking. I can now go hours without gum. I am amazed. I wouldn’t say she worked on my jaw specifically, but what she did really helped my jaw. To me, it is really cool!"

Dr. Courtney M., Chiropractor

"Wendy, You, your source, are the blessing.

A major shift did happen last week, awakening and strength of determination. I felt an immediate letting go (letting down) on the right side of my physical body in the first 5 minutes of our session together. And, after that, it felt like it was an energetic/ emotional shift that allowed the body psyche to realign. Life has been fabulously peaceful, even with the external upheaval of the world. Thank you, Wendy, for the experience of your work, of you."

Deb S.

"It is so soothing, like being held, cradled by divinity. 

I’m not sure I know how to describe this wonderful treatment. It is a calm feeling of everything’s being as it should in my world. Thanks be to Wendy for the healing hands, warm, soothing hands that immediately created an odor of cleanliness in the room, like the air after a thunderstorm – similar to that smell that follows a flash of lightning, the clap of thunder. And all were part of the healing experience for which I am very grateful. Every time, within a few moments of being on the table, there is an electrical connection and this fresh smell of negative ions after a thunderstorm. In the different sessions I have received from Wendy, there is always this electricity followed by different aromas: cloves, cinnamon, lemon, and in the last session rose. The aromas are not of any substance that is used but from the energy channeling through Wendy. Then there is the warmth of Wendy’s hands, soothing warmth that goes wherever she guides it. It is so soothing, like being held, cradled by divinity. Then the session ends, and I have never felt better."

Joan B.

"TRADUKA is a gentle, type of light, hands-on energy work.

Are you looking for non-invasive bodywork? Would you like to feel more relaxed and centered? I recommend you try TRADUKA with Wendy Slater. I have been a client of Wendy’s for over four years. TRADUKA is a gentle, type of light, hands-on energy work. You don’t need to remove your clothing or have greasy oil applied to your body. Wendy applies a gentle touch to points of stress on your body, and you feel the release of tension like magic. Wendy is a gentle, friendly, and entirely safe person who provides a style of bodywork that is energizing, relaxing, and completely non-invasive. Give it a try I’m sure you’ll enjoy it and recommend her to your friends."

Monique M.

"Ringo stopped vomiting and started eating again, six to ten times a day.

Part Maine Coon, Johnny Ringo went from 18 pounds to 11 lbs, seemingly overnight. He was vomiting many times a day, every ridge of his spine stuck out, his muscles withered, his long, beautiful hair became brittle. After receiving a terminal diagnosis from his veterinarian, we panicked. We decided to try something radical. I called Wendy.

 The first day, Ringo stopped vomiting and started eating again, six to ten times a day. He looked much better the very first week. I thought it might be wishful thinking until he came out of hiding and started playing with his brother again. Within a few more days, he wanted to be back in the center of the action. Whether we were working in the office, cooking, or watching a movie, he was right there looking for hugs and belly rubs. Soon his tummy was round again, his skin wasn’t sagging, and his eyes were shining and bright. Within two weeks, he was filling out, his muscles were returning, and his beautiful long black hair was growing in thick and lush. 

Did I mention we live in Arizona and Wendy is in Vermont? She was able to reach Ringo remotely, connect with him across the miles, and FIX HIM. She called daily for updates, and every time Ringo felt her calling, he would jump on my desk and start purring into the phone. Six months later, he’s back to being his beautiful self again, and he still runs to the phone when Wendy calls. 

I have worked with horses and cats all my life, and have seen a few miracle healings before. But I have never EVER witnessed anything like Wendy’s healing work. And even harder to believe but true, while she worked on Ringo, the healing energy filled our house, and my husband and I had physical and financial issues that got better too.

Do you have a serious problem with a pet or human you love? Don’t wait. Reach out to Wendy. She is worth every penny and more, and has our friendship and gratitude forever."

Toni S.

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