Why did Wendy E. Slater name her business TRADUKA?

The two main reasons behind Slater naming her business TRADUKA still hold true over two decades later. Wendy E. Slater, being a wordsmith and poet, has great delight with words and in naming things.

The first reason for naming the quantum energy healing and shamanic integration that channels through Wendy E. Slater has to do with Esperanto, the universal language. Wendy had a dear friend, who has long since departed this dimension, who owned a profound healing store. The store was named after 2 words in Esperanto. In honoring all the sacredness the store contained, including the owner’s gigantic spirit, Wendy looked up Esperanto's words when deciding on a name for her business.

TRADUKA is actually not (as far as Wendy knows) an Esperanto word, but a variation on the words “translate” and “translator” in Esperanto. Wendy added the “a” at the end of the world as it had more resonance for her than ending in “u” or “o”. Wendy E. Slater is a translator from the invisible realms to the visible realms or dimensions. Embracing the idea of being a translator from divinity to human reality keeps it simple and uncomplicated for people. Wendy has always felt the greatest teachers are those who are able to convey complexity in simple terms.

TRADUKA is for all beings. The name embraces best what TRADUKA offers: shamanic integration, quantum energy healing, medical intuition, TRADUKA custom alchemical body sprays, workshops, and modern mystical poetry.


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