What is a TRADUKA® Healing Session like?

The best place to start if you are not familiar with TRADUKA quantum energy healing is to look at the testimonials section on where you will find client quotes that reflect each person’s unique and individual experience during and after a TRADUKA quantum energy session.

The testimonials are varied, and the experiences range from the release of deep imbalances expressed in the physical to the release of creative blocks in an artist. The commonality of the sessions is the deep and profound positive shift the individual experiences.

In simple terms, a session is a divinity channeling through Wendy E. Slater as a facilitator to clear karmic fields, integrate past lives, retrieve and reintegrate aspects of soul and spirit that has become blocked or dislodged, as well as mediate and clear deleterious energy. As a medical intuitive and channel, Slater immediately starts receiving information in a session about the client and where the root of disharmony is within the individual.

Wendy intentionally presents the TRADUKA quantum energy healing and shamanic integration in a very simple manner. During a session, Wendy is present to be a witness, have no judgment, and to midwife and rebirth TRADUKA clients into their truth. Individuals are on their own path in this journey of life, and the sessions empower the individual in their own self-healing. Wendy has great gratitude for being able to assist individuals in their own inner transformation.


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