Virtual Consultation for Property and Land Clearing

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Traduka Method property and land clearing appointments and consultations clear, repattern, and recircuit the energy fields and amplify the protection of land and property.

Land and/or locale diagnostics will be assessed and addressed according to each unique signature and pattern on the land or at the locale.

Issues that will be quickly assessed may include aura or energy tears, negative frequencies, electromagnetic imbalances, toxic frequencies, pathogens, and elemental frequencies. Empowered guardians of the land will remain in place during and after the consultation.

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Some Reasons Why You May Want a Session:

  • Real estate not selling
  • Relocation to a new dwelling
  • Odd sensations like feeling very cold on a property or in a dwelling for no apparent reason
  • Want or need prior tenant’s or owner’s energy addressed and cleared
  • Historical events took place on land or locale that need to be addressed and cleared

What happens during the Session?


A session involves:

  1. Identifying and clearing negative interferences and deleterious energies that are causing misalignment. This can be energy associated with land deeds, prior owners, and history, as examples.
  2. Clearing and aligning all elemental energies.
  3. Clearing memory frequencies of land, locale, or building and liberating energies that no longer belong at the locale, including lost souls and fractured energies.
  4. Recircuiting and recalibrating protective energies to flow with protection, shielding, and joy.

The consult involves a phone consult and the TRADUKA Method clearing session taking place offline or off the phone.

Property, Real Estate, and land-clearing sessions are offered as an in-person session at the locale or via a phone or Zoom consult.

Please note: Both in-person and virtual appointments require scheduling for the phone session first.

* In-person appts. at your locale have additional travel fees.

All appointments involve a consultation by phone or in-person. All Virtual appts take place off the phone, with Wendy doing the clearing alone. All clearing takes place after the consultation and at a scheduled time. There will be an email or phone call after the clearing for Wendy to summarize what was addressed in the clearing.

If the consultation occurs at your locale, some clearing will occur by the nature of Wendy’s presence at the locale. Any remaining clearing will be done at a separate locale from the client, with Wendy doing the clearing alone. There will be a follow-up phone call or email after all the clearing for Wendy to summarize what was addressed.

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