Consultation for Customized Alchemical Body Sprays

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Available for people, pets, and locales.

Each custom TRADUKA Alchemical Body Mist Spray is unique to your needs and individual subtle energy frequency.

A scheduled phone consultation with Wendy takes place before she creates and mails your custom-tailored energy-frequency body mist to you.

The TRADUKA custom-tailored formulas are attuned, balanced, and created according to each individual, animal, or locale’s unique needs and subtle energy blueprint.

Each TRADUKA Custom-Tailored Energy frequency spray is designed to release and re-pattern energetic blockages and constrictions in the electromagnetic frequencies while amplifying protection and shielding with beneficial energies.

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How Can TRADUKA Body Sprays Help You?

The custom subtle energy body mist sprays are a wonderful compliment to sessions and consultations with Traduka/Wendy.

The body sprays allow you the freedom to use as you need and want.

The body, mind, and spirit of individuals and pets can be altered by environmental or outer influences throughout one’s life or on a daily basis. Influences can be as simple as someone sitting near you and you pick up on their High or Low energy. An example of being affected negatively by an outside energy field would be when one is suddenly drained or tired in another’s presence. Reacting to external stimuli can negatively alter the subtle energetic structures of an individual or pet. Ideally, when one’s energy field is protected and grounded properly, potential negative outside influences cease to affect the individual negatively. Having a custom-tailored TRADUKA body Mist Spray gives you the freedom to use it when you feel the need.

What happens during the Session?

TRADUKA alchemical body sprays are sprayed externally on your body or around your energy fields for subtle energy protection, clearing, repatterning, recircuiting of the energy fields, and amplifying your ability to manifest positive outcomes.

The price includes a 20-30 minute phone or Zoom consultation with Wendy so that she can assess frequencies and energy constrictions before she creates your 4 oz (118 ml) custom subtle energy body mist spray.

The cost includes shipping in the continental U.S.A. All other geographical areas will have additional shipping fees based on cost to mail to your locale.

The TRADUKA body sprays are mindfully designed, incorporating the Divine essences of crystals and gem essences, multi-vibrational energies and essences of the cosmos, nature, and the natural elements and TRADUKA energy. The TRADUKA body sprays are created using a water base (non-alcohol).

Please NOTE: While the TRADUKA body mist sprays are in a water base some of the ingredients may be from stock bottles that have an alcohol base as a preserving agent.

TRADUKA body sprays are specifically intended to be used as a subtle energy body mist spray and sprayed around the energy body. The recommended amount is no more than a couple of sprays, (i.e., as with spray colognes or perfume) 3-4 times a day or as needed.



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